“Indecent” (Paula Vogel and Sholem Asch)


A play about a play about lesbian love, history, religious hypocrisy, and the clash between free expression and community norms, Paula Vogel’s Indecent is now at the Vineyard Theater in NYC. “Created with the director Rebecca Taichman, “Indecent” is inspired by Sholem Asch’s Yiddish play ‘The God of Vengeance’ and events surrounding it. Swiftly shut down by the vice squad, its 1923 New York production contained the first kiss ever between two women on a Broadway stage. What stunned Ms. Vogel when she read it, though, as a 22-year-old graduate student at Cornell, came later in the play: a frankly erotic, achingly romantic, rain-splashed female love scene.” You can read a profile of Vogel and Taichman here and the very strong review here.




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