Don’t Be Like Moloch (Sam Brody Says)


Sam Brody says:

This is Moloch.

His hobbies include war, passing children through the fire, and human sacrifice in general.

Don’t be like Moloch.*

*This post is sponsored by Jewish memory and is not necessarily endorsed by scholars of ancient Canaanite religion

[The image is from John Sargent Singer’s massive, gilded mural “Triumph of Religion” (1890-1919) at the Boston Public Library about which more here and here]


(h/t  Lorenzo Fernando Davis)

Meanwhile this afternoon, the Mayor of Las Vegas on CNN wants to open up, the entertainment capital of the world, but it’s not the mayor’s job to figure out how to do it, but she’s not an alarmist about viruses, and it’s not her job to get a testing system up and running, and casino operators want to put their people to work (i.e. sacrifice them). And the Lt. Gov. of Texas says here that there are more important things than living.

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