(The Bund) The Ebbs and Flows of a Jewish Radical Party (Joshua Meyers)


Here they are meeting in Warsaw in 1927. The Bund is a subject of intense nostalgia across much of the anti-Zionist Jewish left today, but who knows what about it? Among full-time Yiddishists, as much as you see their own deep interest in this historical phenomenon,  there is also more critical skepticism mixed into the discussions. I was always curious about this. By the numbers, how popular, how important a movement was the Bund, how central was it to Jewish political life in eastern Europe where and where-not in Russia and Poland, when and when-not at the turn of the century and up to the Stalinist purges and the Nazi Holocaust? This piece here at the remarkable online In Geveb from the always excellent Joshua Meyers, a foremost expert on the Bund, runs through the numbers, looking at the fluctuation of this political movement-party’s membership to get a bead on the Jewish socialist tradition. You can follow Meyers and In Geveb  on Twitter.


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