Antifa in Jewish Palestine (circa 1934)


(h/t Edo Konrad & Brat Skoff (?) on Twitter at @edokonrad and @brat_skoff) This Antifa is not what some of you might think it is or want it to be. It’s from Jewish Palestine circa 1934, a bi-national Zionist organization, the Association to Aid Victims of Fascism and Antisemitism (dubbed ANTIFA), including Buber, Magnes, etc., and raised money for Spanish Republicans. Different than the KPD’s Antifaschistische Aktion.

The stamp in the first image calls for Arab Jewish solidarity.

The second document is a May Day flyer.

The third image is a membership pledge page including the declaration of 4 principles, which you can find translated here:

1) Antifa is open to all workers and citizens, who, regardless of their political orientation, recognize the need to combat fascist and anti-Semitic poison and recognize the solidarity of all workers’ national and social interests, regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

2) There is no place in Antifa for those who are an enemy of Jewish workers or Jewish immigration and settlement in the land (of Israel). There is no place in Antifa for those who are an enemy of Arab workers and their advancement in this land.

3) Antifa aims to forge in this land an anti-fascist force against all forms of fascism and chauvinism among the Jewish and Arab publics. We provide brotherly help to victims of fascism and anti-Semitism.

4) Antifa recruits the workers of this land to the worldwide fight against fascism.



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