Historic and Contemporary Icons (Brooklyn Bridge Park)


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When I first took them, I wasn’t sure how these photographs of and from the just opened Pier 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park all fit together. A shiny new park with a green and jewel-like soccer fields full of life, and open to the public, a little multitude at play, sidled up to the heavy industrial views of the Brooklyn docks, with clear views across the East River to multiple historical and contemporary iconic structures –the forever awesome Brooklyn Bridge just up the river and Statue of Liberty across the harbor, the recently installed and pretty cool spire on top of Daniel Liebeskind’s so-so Freedom Tower, and Verizon, an icon of corporate America and, now, big data surveillance. The park planners promise that the park will be a “regional” one, not just a boutique park fronting the tony Brooklyn Heights neighborhood just up the hill. It’s actually a pretty coherent jumble of historical memory, public good, and corporate interest on a bright sunny day.


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