Religion & Ethics (Meyer Goodfriend at Ansche Chesed 1907-1927)


I like this old photograph of Meyer Goodfriend, a kindly looking old gent with soft eyes, an old fashioned collar, and a nice tie. Along with portraits of past presidents of Ansche Chesed, the picture graces the back foyer behind the main sanctuary near the women’s room. Goodfriend was president of the synagogue between 1907 and 1927.  According to the 1918 Jewish Communal Register, he was born in 1860 in New York. Goodfriend graduated from City College of New York. An importer of pearls and precious stones, he lived at 274 118th St, near 2nd Avenue. Involved in the building of the synagogue site at 114th St and what is today Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, he’s quoted elsewhere as claiming that the lack of a synagogue in that part of Harlem was one reason for needing to establish the Jewish Procteroriate Association for delinquent Jewish youth. Now the kids could learn about the “elements of of their religion,” instead of…

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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics.
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  1. Carol Berlin says:

    Meyer Goodfriend was my grandmother’s Uncle (thus my great granduncle. I didn’t know he had been president of Anche Chesed My grandmother, Cora Goodfriend Kohn, grandfather, Leon A. Kohn and granduncle Rabbi Jacob Kohn also played roles at Anche Chesed.

    • zjb says:

      how lovely!!!! please feel free to pass the post around to your family. i see the photograph of your great granduncle just about every week!

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