Equality (George Amira & Reuven Rivlin)


I’m sure it’s cloying and grossly sentimental, and what it does not address in a direct way is the Occupation and the politics of Zionism. But I refuse to be cynical about this little Youtube clip against hatred, violence, and racism in Israel. Featuring George Amira and Reuven Rivlin, it supports tolerance, solidarity, and not just tolerance, but also equality. Amira is a Christian kid from Yaffo who started a Youtube protest in opposition to the neighborhood bullying he suffered based on the perception of his sexual orientation. Rivlin is the President of the State of Israel. He saw Amira’s original clip and they put out what we in the U.S. would call a public service message. While there is no direct political, it stands out against terrible things that inundate the country. I found it very moving, and, yes, touching. I’m including this bit about the clip, which you can read it here. It appeared first in Hebrew and then appeared in translation at  +972. It’s a leftist online site, where, one might have thought to find a more critical reception. As for the clip itself, you can see the Youtube clip here and judge for yourself. The close caption has an English translation. While the text is only in Hebrew, I think it makes a powerful point, that Israel is not just a Jewish country. But is it one country?


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